About HPAC


HPAC’s vision is that every child in Hunts Point is ready for kindergarten, ready for elementary school, ready for high school, and ready for higher education.

Our Mission

The mission of the Hunts Point Alliance for Children is to work with families to support the educational progress of the children of Hunts Point. Our Alliance members provide resources for the intellectual, social, emotional and physical health and well-being of children.

Our Work

The Hunts Point Alliance for Children is a strong voice for the children of Hunts Point, a conduit for resources to support the schools and organizations in this community, and a provider of programs that are meeting critical school and college readiness needs.

HPAC’s overarching strategy is to create individual and neighborhood change by supporting public, charter, and independent schools; creating programmatic links among existing services, schools and families of the neighborhood; and attracting high-quality service providers to the area. HPAC accomplishes its goals by leveraging resources within and outside Hunts Point to provide options for learning, identify educational opportunities beyond Hunts Point, and offer a safe learning space for the children and families we serve.

Our direct service programs support students and families on the journey from birth to college. Despite the many risk factors Hunts Point children face, our scholars continually meet and exceed expectations.

Our Results

1. Increasing Academic Achievement

  • In our Readers to Leaders after school program for struggling kindergarteners, student literacy scores improved from 48% to 90%.
  • Twenty-four out of thirty 4th and 5th grade boys, identified by their teachers as hard to engage, completed the year-long SongCorps program, compared to 69% of students in elementary DYCD programs citywide.
  • Almost 3/4 of HPAC Scholars school attendance was over 95% compared to an average 87% in Hunts Point’s school district.
  • HPAC Scholars reporting high self-esteem increased over the 2013-14 program year. Building social competency, particularly self-esteem, is correlated to higher achievement in the classroom.

2. Social Service Support

  • Twenty-five percent of students in youth programs were also involved with our Family Project and received counseling, case management, and mental health support to help families gain and maintain  stability so they could focus on their children’s educational progress.

3. Alliance and Community Building

  • The leaders of our 16-member alliance meet quarterly to discuss common challenges and opportunity, as well as align activities.
  • Each month, the Principals’ Collaborative, composed of the leaders of the neighborhood’s seven public, charter, and independent schools meet to share best practices and resources.

4. Academic Achievement

  • Each year, 30-40 high school students engage in college-readiness counseling. In the past 5 years, we’ve sponsored two Scholars through Posse, a nationally competitive scholarship program.
  • HPAC Scholars attend universities such as: Stanford University, Duke University, Bronx Community College, College of the Holy Cross, NYU School of Engineering, Dickinson College, Middlebury College, SUNY Albany, CUNY Hunter, and Depauw University.