Birth to College Pipeline

HPAC annually serves over 300 students and their families — as well as impacting over 2,000 students through our community events and school partnerships.

Through our birth to college pipeline, we give Hunts Point students a chance to shine. The goal is to broaden their horizons, teach them new skills, and build confidence so they are prepared for the wider world of college and careers.

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HPAC Overview Sheet

Early Childhood Education

Education success starts with strong family relationships and curiosity for learning about our world. To learn more, email Reina Garcia, or call her at 718-620-2824, ext 106.

Early Childhood Education Program Sheet

Family School Skills

Family School Skill Sessions (FSS) is an eight-week program that prepares children for school and focuses on strengthening parent-child relationships through communication, education, and child-directed play.

Sessions involve family discussions, social-emotional focused art and play activities, and a read-aloud.

Who: Children from birth to 3 years old with their family

Chances for Children: Parent-Child Play Therapy

HPAC has partnered with Chances for Children (CFC) to offer free individualized sessions for parents and their children.

During this play-based intervention, therapists provide parents with information about child development, discuss confusion parents may have about their children’s behaviors, and help parents work through the unavoidable bumps in the road of parenting.

Who: Children from birth to 4 with their family

Readers to Leaders

Readers To Leaders is a kindergarten after-school program that focuses on literacy and language development for students who are performing below grade-level. Students and their families also participate in Raising a Reader, a research-based early literacy and family engagement program that helps families develop book-sharing routines with their children.

Who: Kindergarten students at participating Alliance elementary schools

Play to Learn

Play to Learn is a family-based program that offers Hunts Point families an educational and creative play space with age-appropriate activities and resources. Parents and caregivers learn the importance of play through personalized instruction that builds on parents’ strengths. Playworkers strategically guide the way in which parents play with their child by modeling and communicating the best way of supporting the child.

Who: Children from birth to 8 years old and their family

Lending Library

The HPAC Lending Library aims to promote the importance of early literacy by providing easy access to age-appropriate and educational literature to families and children in the Hunts Point community. The Library currently contains over 1,000 books in Spanish and English and other educational materials available for participating families to borrow.

Who: Children from birth to 8 years old and their family

Summer Smarts

The HPAC Summer Smarts program is a 4-week camp for students who are entering or repeating kindergarten in the upcoming fall.

Summer Smarts tailors instruction to each student to enhance his or her social, emotional, and cognitive skills through play, rigorous academic small and large group instruction, and family field trips to prepare students for school.

Who: Rising kindergarteners

Youth Development Programs

HPAC Youth Development programs foster school engagement, build academic skills, and support students on the journey to college. To learn more, email Kwame Mensah, Director of Programs,  or call him at 718-620-2824, ext. 102.

Youth Development Program Sheet

Hunts Point Children’s Shakespeare Ensemble

The Hunts Point Children’s Shakespeare Ensemble is a collaboration with The Public Shakespeare Initiative to produce a Shakespearean play with 4th through 6th grade students.

The program includes an acting ensemble (5th & 6th graders) and a choral ensemble (4th graders). The program ends with a full theater production in Shakespeare’s original language, complete with sets, lights, costumes, a chorus, and live musicians.

Who: 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students from Alliance schools

Storefront Ensemble

In the Storefront Ensemble, students participate in an intensive writing curriculum coupled with performance instruction.

Students write about themselves, their neighborhood and the world, learning to use written word as an expressive art form.

Students’ final pieces are adapted and combined into a script that the students perform for their parents and community.

Who: 7th and 8th grade students from Alliance schools

Career and Education Mentoring Program

The Career and Education Mentoring Program (or CEMP) introduces students who are part of HPAC programs to possible career opportunities that match their interests.

Through CEMP activities and field trips, students are exposed to a college environment, learn about career pathways, and interact with college mentors who encourage youth to aim for higher education.

Who: 5th-8th grade students enrolled in HPAC programs

Young Writers

The HPAC Young Writers Program is a pipeline of programming that prepares students for the demands of college through the development of writing, critical thinking, and presentation skills.

Young Writers begins with supplemental writing workshops for Storefront Ensemble participants and continues through year-long and intensive summer writing workshops for high school students, including a partnership with the Kenyon Young Writers Workshop. The Young Writers program provides opportunities for students to gain experiences and skills necessary to complete high school and college-level work. Each year, the Young Writers Program publishes a literary magazine, The Six Train, showcasing student work.

Who: 7th-12th grade students

Education Counseling

HPAC’s education counselor works with students during transition grades to find the right middle school, high school, and college. Through workshops, family advisement meetings, and ongoing support and connections to educational opportunities, scholars are set on the pathway to post-secondary success. Beginning in high school, students are guided through the process of going to college – from SAT prep to completing the financial aid application process. Scholars are also encouraged and supported each summer to find opportunities to engage in academic learning, explore interests, and gain job skills.

Who: Students who are involved in HPAC programming, with a focus on students in transition grades (5th, 8th, and 11th-12th)

The Family Project

The Family Project’s goal is to help families living in Hunts Point establish and/or maintain household stability for the purpose of providing a nurturing, secure, and supportive environment that promotes the educational progress of their children.

To learn more, email Allison Barlow, LMSW, Family Project Director, or call her at 718-620-2824, ext 108.