Student Success Stories

Scholar Spotlight: Q & A with Tiffany

POSSE Scholar, Sophomore at Dickinson College

What would you tell a 6th grader in Hunts Point about college?

College is the milestone to success. I know school may be difficult, but honestly receiving a college education is the most worthwhile experience. College helps you grow as a person whether through the courses you take, or the friends you make. It allows you to learn things about yourself that you never knew you had in you. It becomes your backbone.

What high school or college class most inspired you? How?

My medical sociology class has inspired me the most in realizing what my passion is and what I wanted to pursue in the future. Coming into college, I was convinced that I would be a biology major and eventually become a nurse. After realizing that the natural sciences were not for me, I took courses in the social sciences. My medical sociology class inspired me to still be involved in the health field but through a different direction. This class helped me realized that my passion lied in ending health inequalities I was seeing in my community and at home.

What summer internships have you had? What did you learn that was unexpected?

Over the summer I was able to intern for an amazing organization called Harlem United. I was a public health intern working at an HIV/AIDS clinic. This internship allowed me to realize what I wanted to pursue after college. Because of this internship I aspire to continue my education in public health by going to graduate school and eventually working for a health related organization in order to work towards ending health disparities among the social classes.

What do you think your life will be like in the future?

I think my life will be open to so many great opportunities and jobs due to the advice and support of HPAC and my education. I aspire to work in a public health related field, possibly in the NYC Department of Health and Hygiene, and along the way continue to grow as an individual intellectually. In the future, I also wish to be a part of HPAC and help children in Hunts Point who may not have the opportunities and support I was provided with. I hope to be an example of why continuing an education is vital to success.

 What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of becoming a POSSE Scholar. My counselor at HPAC introduced me to this organization and amazing opportunity. The POSSE foundation awards students with extraordinary academic and leadership potential a full-tuition scholarship to attend one of their partner colleges. Although I never imagined myself being a POSSE scholar and thought it was an impossible dream, my counselor supported me throughout. After attending rigorous interviews, I was called one night in December and told the most amazing news I could possibly hear. Not only was I going to receive a scholarship to attend college, I knew that Dickinson College would be my second home for the next four years.