Student Success Stories

Scholar Spotlight: Leslie

This fall, HPAC Scholar Leslie has our full attention. She attended our FSS summer session 2016 for children  ages 3-5 years old preparing to enter school. Leslie’s mother visited our Early Childhood Education center, the “Boat,” the summer of 2016 looking for a program to practice English and help Leslie learn classroom routines, since Leslie had not previously been in any learning centers. Throughout the eight weeks of our teachers working with Leslie and Mommy, Leslie blossomed. She was an enthusiastic and motivated learner who loved coming to class to help and participate in all activities. Leslie then took the skills she learned at FSS and applied them at her actual school.

Leslie is now Star of the week at Girls Prep Bronx Charter School located on Kelly Street. Leslie let us know from early on that she was going to be a star in school one day! HPAC’s Early Childhood Team team will like to give a big shout out to Leslie and her family for continuing to strive for success in school. Congratulations to Girls Prep “Star of the Week” Leslie! Keep reaching for the Stars!

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