Scholar Spotlight: Brian

HPAC Scholar and Hunts Point Children’s Shakespeare Ensemble (HPCSE) Alum Brian  continues his acting journey with the Children’s Shakespeare Theater of Rockland. After spending three seasons in the HPCSE and giving great performances in roles such as  Juliet’s father, the powerful head of the Capulet family in Romeo and Juliet,… Continue Reading ›

Summer Spotlight: Learning Locally

After my second year in Marist college, I came back home to Hunts Point and spent the summer interning within the community for Urban Health Plan. I worked closely on various projects that benefit the neighborhood like planning the Walking Group, and increasing the participation in our Zumba and  the Food… Continue Reading ›

Scholar Spotlight: Leslie

This fall, HPAC Scholar Leslie has our full attention. She attended our FSS summer session 2016 for children  ages 3-5 years old preparing to enter school. Leslie’s mother visited our Early Childhood Education center, the “Boat,” the summer of 2016 looking for a program to practice English and help Leslie learn… Continue Reading ›

Scholar Spotlight: Q & A with Izzy

                    Isabella, or Izzy, has been part of the HPAC squad since 6th grade, when she was part of the Shakespeare Ensemble’s performance of As You Like It.  The entire HPAC team congratulates her on her persistent sunniness and determination, which led her to… Continue Reading ›

Scholar Spotlight: Bria

The Scholar Spotlight is back and we are shining the light on HPAC Scholar Bria. A sixth grader at Hyde Charter School, Bria had an amazing week of accomplishments. Bria put on an amazing performance as Lady Capulet in the Hunts Point Children’s Shakespeare Ensemble presentation of Romeo and Juliet…. Continue Reading ›

Scholar Spotlight: Q & A with Genesis

Who is your favorite musical artist? I don’t really have one but my favorite song at the moment is Love yourself by Justin Bieber.  I also like One direction’s Drag Me Down. Favorite Class in school? I really like science. We get to look at cells and do a lot… Continue Reading ›

Scholar Spotlight: Q & A with Carlos

What do you want to study? I want to study Early Childhood Education because I am interested in the mind, and I am good with kids. We need to give the children opportunities because they are our future. I worked at HPAC’s Summer Leadership Camp this summer. I hope to… Continue Reading ›

Scholar Spotlight: Q & A with Jazmin

Jazmin has participated in the following HPAC programs: Shakespeare Ensemble, Storefront Ensemble, Mighty Quills, Community Service Team Favorite program and why? My favorite opportunity is interning at HPAC [for Summer Smarts]. I like to work with children and this is a great learning experience. I also get to apply my… Continue Reading ›

Scholar Spotlight: Q & A with Ashley

What is your favorite thing about coming to the Boat [889 Hunts Point Avenue]? I love that I get to read all books. What would be your superpower? I would be able to reverse time. If I didn’t want something to happen, or didn’t like something that happened, I could… Continue Reading ›

Scholar Spotlight: Q & A with Tiffany

What would you tell a 6th grader in Hunts Point about college? College is the milestone to success. I know school may be difficult, but honestly receiving a college education is the most worthwhile experience. College helps you grow as a person whether through the courses you take, or the friends… Continue Reading ›