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Mentoring Trip to the Metropolitan Museum

HPAC High School Scholars visit the Met with their Mentors

On Sunday, May 29th, HPAC’s 9th and 10th grade high school scholars visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art with their mentors. While at the Met, the students experienced a two-hour tour featuring art work from all over the world and different time periods. The exhibits included the American Wing, Egyptian galleries, the Greek, Roman, Africa and French Decorative Arts curatorial departments, and 18/19th century European paintings and sculptures.

This trip was a wonderful bonding experience between the scholars and their mentors. The scholars connected with their mentors about previous school trips they’ve taken to the Met and compared the art they had seen previously with the curated tour. They also discussed their interests in the artistic process that it takes to create the many pieces we saw at the museum.

Thank you to our mighty Mentors for a great day at the Met!

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