No Second-Guessing

As April comes to end, I look out the window of my office and realize spring has arrived in the South Bronx. Paco’s homing pigeons are flying in circles over the Bruckner Expressway and Father Corcoran’s crocuses, tulips, and daffodils are popping up in the monastery garden. It’s a beautiful… Continue Reading ›


Note: This piece was originally published in the HPAC Young Writers Review, The 6 Train: Volume II.   It was just like that: a lifetime of experiences, memories, life essentials, all packed in a 17-year-old-boy still trying to figure out what to do with his life—all thanks to where he… Continue Reading ›

Pre-K For All

“As an alliance of schools and organizations working with Hunts Point students from birth to college, we strongly support expansion of the city’s UPK programs to give every childhood in our neighborhood and the city an opportunity to start off on a strong educational path.” HPAC’s Executive Director, Krystal Reyes,… Continue Reading ›

Where Do You Live?

Rodney never liked asking for things. On a thundery and rainy December afternoon he was ready to walk home without a rain jacket after Shakespeare rehearsal. I asked him, “Would you like a ride?” He said, “Yes please.” “Where do you live?” Eyes down, he remained silent. Several years later… Continue Reading ›