Hunts Point of View


Rodrigo, 12th Grade

Note: this piece will be included in the HPAC Young Writers Review, The 6 Train: Volume III.

Fire scorching the coral and clouds

in the depths of the ocean

as monkeys battle piranhas in the arctic weather of the Saharan desert

Be not afraid but fear for your life

For we shall take it from thee

And toss it into the hellhole of heaven

Where you will be pampered and you will lose your primitiveness

Your strength

Your self

Where your every wish will be granted

Where you’ll never have need for anything

Where you’ll never feel pain

Where you’ll lose yourself in the collective of the great link

Where you will never be you

Where you’ll look down and will never be able to see past your stomach

Where they shove food down your throat

Where you get fattened

Where you’ll become food for the Guardians that protect you

Where you’re sheep led to slaughter

Food waiting your turn

Waiting for to be defeathered

To be washed in scalding water

To be roasted in the fire that was not meant for you


If you’re so inclined,

We makeshift devils will devour you in a century

Sending you to the paradise of hell

Where you will be tortured and treated like scum

Where you will cry

Tears will not earn you mercy

Let your screams ring out in the halls of Tartarus

Where you will yearn to break free

Where you will see your mistake and staple wood across your back

So you can be like the saviors we are

Leathery wings, fangs and claws for all

Let your soul be shredded

Let your cries become laughter

We makeshift devils will see you struggle and go over to you

Console you

We will wax your eyes shut

Tape your ears shut


Make you one of us

We who watch the world unfold

Acting as Gods

Where we makeshift devils play

The world is our sand box

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