Hunts Point Neighborhood

Hunts Point Map-2015
Click to enlarge map of Sheridan Expressway- Hunts Point: Land Use (Department of City Planning).

Hunts Point is located on the easternmost peninsula of the South Bronx, less than 10 miles from Times Square and isolated from the rest of the Bronx by a four-lane highway.

Although the community is home to the largest food distribution center on the east coast, Hunts Point families struggle with food insecurity and limited access to fresh food.

Each day, 15,000 trucks pass through Hunts Point, contributing to one of the highest asthma hospitalization rates for children in the city.

One third of the population of Hunts Point is school-age, and these youth represent hope for the future of Hunts Point.

At HPAC, we see these 4,170 children shine with limitless energy and opportunity – they are this City’s future’s engineers, teachers, medical professionals, technology leaders, and so much more.

Yet, right now, just 50.2% of these children are enrolled in early education programs that are critical to long term school success and only 34.3% graduate high school on time.

Children in Hunts Point are the most vulnerable in New York City. In early 2015, the Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York reported Hunts Point is the most at-risk community in New York City for children, finding:

  • Over 59% of children live in poverty
  • Twenty-nine percent of families live on less than $15,000 dollars each year
  • The rate of families entering homeless shelters is the second highest rate in the city
  • Infant mortality rate is 8.5% compared with 4.6% for New York City
  • Hunts Point has the highest violent felony rate in the city.

HPAC believes that these numbers can be reversed – and true neighborhood transformation can occur – only through sustained investments that supports the children of Hunts Point from a holistic perspective from birth through college.

You can make a difference in helping HPAC transform Hunts Point through education, community building and family support!

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